Junior Boxing Sessions ‘Pack a Punch’


Tauranga Freestyle Junior Boxing sessions are putting juniors through their paces. Shadow boxing, skipping, bag work and fitness, including core and cardio exercises, are key training session components designed to challenge and keep junior boxers fit.

Trainer Pat Bishop says junior boxers are put through a graduated learning process.

“With a 4 child maximum, the classes are small in size so they get more personal attention - they learn quicker. Training sessions last an hour, which is plenty for kids,” he says.

“Their skills are put to the test, and as they progress, it gets harder,” he says.

As an extension of weekly training sessions, a junior spar session is held on Fridays.

“This gives the juniors an opportunity to put what they have learned during the week into practice in a controlled format and environment,” Pat says. “They get in the ring and they really enjoy it.”

Finn and Kyan sparring in the ring

Cody and Finn skipping for fitness and agility


With the idea of becoming a professional boxer in mind, Cody Franklin (13) is aiming high.

“I’ve been boxing for seven months. I enjoy sparring with the boys,” he says. “You learn a lot of skills and technique. You get to put that into practice, which is a good challenge. I would like to become a professional boxer. It is hard work but I enjoy it.”


Putting his skills and technique to the test is one of many aspects of boxing that Finn Woodhouse (10) enjoys.

“I’ve only been boxing for four months but it is a lot of fun. It keeps you fit. One of my friends was doing it so I decided to give it a go,” he says. “I like sparring with the other boys and with Pat - my skills and technique are put to the test.”


Kyan Nicholas has been boxing for six months. The 11-year-old Tauranga Intermediate pupil enjoys learning new techniques. Kyan attends two sessions during the week and Friday’s sparring session.

“I enjoy boxing. It is difficult and challenging but it is rewarding. You learn how to defend yourself. My ultimate goal is to become good enough so I can compete,” he says.